Lease your aircraft to Coastal Skies

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Is a lease back right for me?

Lease backs aren't for everyone or every aircraft.  First and foremost, you are not going to get rich renting your airplane.  At best, plan on breaking even at the end of the day.  A lease back will help to augment the cost of flying. Second, if the aircraft is your “baby” or you're emotionally attached to your family plane, then a lease back is not for you.  We have a winning combination of proven strategies, that when implemented, help you to select the best aircraft on the market and sets you up for a long-term ownership solution.

Changing the way lease backs work!


Lease backs have been done the same way for decades and, to be quite honest, it didn't work well for the anyone. The owner, the flight school or the renter. That prompted the question, how can we do it better?  We then realized that we needed to have as much skin in the game as the aircraft owner!  We should be a value-added partner with the aircraft owner.  So that fundamental idea is what lead us to our current lease back program. 

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What are the benefits of the Coastal Skies program?


Total aircraft management

Included maintenance*/**

Included aircraft insurance

Credit for aircraft parking ***

Discounts on shop rates for parts and out of scope repairs

Meticulous 145 repair station documentation and maintenance. # TBTR544K

What can I expect to earn?

While past performance is no guarantee of future success our track record has been very good.

A decently equipped Cessna 172 on average will fly about 41 hours a month, and can potentially earn the owner just under two thousand dollars a month. 

That may sound like a can't miss deal. Remember that you should be putting most, if not all, of the revenue back into an escrow account. Unforeseen issues pop up all too often. You should also be saving for the inevitable engine overhaul or avionics upgrade as well.

How does the process work?


It's simple, call us.  Let's talk about your aircraft and how it can work for you in the club.  Once we've identified that your aircraft is a good candidate, we'll set up a pre-lease inspection.


A pre-lease inspection is roughly the equivalent to an annual​ inspection. So if you need one, let us know and we can sign it off during the pre-lease.  During this phase we will identify issues with the aircraft and report back to you.

Once squawks have been addressed, we will negotiate a dry rate and execute the lease agreement.

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*      Does not include outside services

**  Owner pays for parts and outside services

*** A credit of 25$ will be issued to the owner's statement