Jul 11, 2018

Looking to Build Time?!


I need to build about 50-60 hours to get to through my commercial. Looking for someone who either needs a safety pilot, or would like to be one. If you need to get your 50 Cross Country (you'll have to be under the hood to log it as Cross Country) to finish your IFR, or 250 total to finish out your commercial (what I need), give me a call. I can be available almost any time with a day or two notice. Although I will take anything, I would really like to do some fairly long cross countries of about 3 hours each way. We can go to New Orleans, or Destin, grab lunch and come back. Bring your spouse or bf/gf if you want. We can even do it in the Arrow if you are checked out and need to build up your 10 hours for you commercial. It could be pretty cheap way to log some time if we split the cost right down the middle.


J. Taylor Stanley

(979) 292-5764

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