Flying to Palcios, Texas


Flying to Palacios as a direct flight from airport center to airport center using iFlyGPS is 71.2 Nautical miles.


I planned my flight at 4500 feet and used flight following to have another set of eyes out there for safety.


The bearing from KLVJ is 228 degrees.


I arrived and called the city of Palacios Police department to obtain the keys to the courtesy car, which is an old White Ford Crown Victoria(Police car). It’s parked outside the building labeled Pilot Lounge. The police dispatcher asked me for some personal information like home address, drivers licence number, etc. I complied and she gave me the code to the lock box that had the Crown Vic’s keys. I went in the door and turned around and faced the door and there on the left was the lock box. I punched in the code and got the keys.

I then called Tran’s restaurant and asked for directions to it. The owner was a kind lady and gave me exact directions as to how to get there. Left out of the airport road on to hwy 35 and past the high school. Drive past the two gas stations across the street from each other and we’re down on the right. And sure enough I turned into the parking lot, parked the car and went in. It is a quaint little place as you can see. 



Here’s the wonderful news about Tran’s Restaurant! It is a Vietnamese style cooking restaurant and the food is delicious. The waiter told me his grandmother makes the food in the old traditional way.  Well, it was fabulous! I ordered the egg drop soup and Hawaiian Chicken.

The egg drop soup was the best.  It was anything but a bland mixture of water some light spice and egg. When I tasted it, I was sorry I got a small bowl with my meal. It was a tasty delight.

Then the Hawaiian Chicken came and it was a very good chicken with rice. The chicken was cooked in a dough coating just right. The sauce that was on it had a hint of hotness but did not burn the palette.  It made it tasty. I would go back anytime.