Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson, Texas Gulf Coast


Texas Gulf Coast (KLBX) is just 27.2 miles from KLVJ Pearland Regional Airport.


I flew there for lunch and had the broiled shrimp lunch. It was very good. It came with French Fries and coleslaw. The restaurant is large and beautiful. 


I liked the fact that it is on the field and you can park your airplane in front of the restaurant and walk in.  I had lunch with a pilot and old friend from KLVJ named Chad who flys an Eronica.


The fact that Texas Gulf Coast has this restaurant on the airport makes it very convenient to catch lunch with friends and have lunch at the airport.   


To get there, just head 205 degrees from KLVJ and 27.2 nautical miles makes it an ideal place to stop for food and rest from your cross country before you come home.

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