Congratulations and thank you for choosing Coastal Skies Aero Club.

Before you start flying you will need to attend one of our new member orientations.  Orientations are held Saturday mornings at 9AM, Followed by the new student orientation immediately afterwards.  While the new student orientation is geared towards the new private pilot and sport pilot student, there is something to be had for anyone seeking an FAA Pilot rating.


What to bring to the orientation


For US Citizens

  1. US issued Photo ID

  2. US Issued Birth Certificate or unexpired passport

  3. All FAA Certificates

  4. FAA Medical

  5. Logbook

  6. Rental Insurance

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For Non US Citizens seeking flight training.

The Transportation Security Administration – TSA requires all non-US Citizens to be approved before being able to begin flight training in the United States. Not to worry we’ll help you through the process.  You can begin the process by clicking on the following this links

TSA foreign flight training process


For Non US Citizens or Permanent Residents NOT seeking flight training.

  1. US issued Photo ID

  2. US Issued Visa or green card

  3. All FAA or appropriate country certificates

  4. FAA Medical or appropriate country certificates

  5. Logbook

  6. Rental Insurance

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